Diseases Due to Eating Dog’s Meat

There are many people out there who eat dog’s meat often. They do this because they have a notion that it is a delicious meal. They use it together as a family with reasons that it comes in cheaply. This may be a strange thing to those who keep these animals as a pet but the truth is that there are those who are into the habit of feeding on dogs meat. It is a normal thing to them and they never seem to have a problem with it.


This can be dangerous to them because it puts them in a very risky state of contracting certain health hazards. They may be diseases that are chronic to the human body. There are a number of hazards that are associated with consumption of dogs meat. They include the following;

Contracting rabies. Dogs are often very susceptible to get the rabies virus in their lifetime. This means individuals that are into the behavior of eating dogs meat are likely to contract this chronic disease. There is a statistical evidence that around three hundred people who lost their lives due to ailing in rabies happen to have consumed dogs meat. Those who normally go for processed dogs meat should know that it most likely comes from wild dogs and they do not receive any sort of vaccination.


Developing an antibiotic resistance habit. There is usually a lot of bacteria, viral diseases and germs found in processed dogs meat which is sourced from wild dogs or those that lived an unhygienic life. There are chances that these dogs are usually given very strong doses of antibiotics in order to prevent transmission of diseases. This means humans who take this meat will develop a tremendous resistant to antibiotics effects and this is dangerous to their life.


Making the person susceptible to diseases such as anthrax. Chronic ailments such as brucellosis, leptospirosis, hepatitis, and anthrax can be transmitted through the consumption of dogs meat. Moreso ailments such as chlorella can also be accelerated by consuming dos meat that has wanting hygiene standards like an instant that occurred in Vietnam. It was devastating since many people suffered and died due to a simple reason for consuming dogs meat.


As you can see from the above discussion, there are enough reasons to make you stop eating dogs meat or if you’ve never eaten it there are enough reasons to make you not to.


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